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Birth Preparation Packages

Are you looking for personalized, in-home information & education, and help laying out your birth preferences? Someone you can call or text to ask questions, voice your concerns, and bounce ideas off of? Guidance prepping for postpartum and newborn care and feeding? Need extra time practicing hands on comfort measures with your partner, so they’re confident they can support you the way you envision? If you know you want all of the personal touches of having a doula, all of the resources, information, education, and time spent one on one with a doula prenatally- but want to keep your birthing space for just you and your family- this is the care package for you. Having a birth professional at your fingertips and at the ready with a resource for any situation you encounter is priceless!

-3 Prenatal Meetings (about 2~ hours long)

1 Postpartum Visit or Zoom/Continued Text/Call Support

-Unlimited Phone Support and Resources Throughout Pregnancy/Postpartum (Daytime Working Hours)

You’ll also get your own rebozo to keep and use for pregnancy & labor!

We will cover everything listed in the Birth Doula Package (check out the page “So, What Does A Doula Do?” for more details!) except for the actual birth! I can be available to offer information and validation when you’re unsure if you’re in labor, and provide guidance via phone as your labor progresses, if you choose.


Oops! It’s last minute, and now you’re realizing you should have prepared and have questions- and want answers! Need a one time meeting plus text support and resources, essentially an abbreviation of everything included in this package? We can spend around 3+ hours and work on anything YOU feel you need to know, and all the other details listed in the Pregnancy Care & Preparation Package , and just call it the Cliff’s Notes version! This is super helpful in finding a way to involve your partner, easing some of the anxiety of the unknowns, and getting face to face with someone who knows the ins and outs of the birth world and can answer any of your burning questions- on the spot, in real time, with real experience and expertise. I am here to listen, educate you, and help guide you, even at the very end of pregnancy!