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So, What Does a Doula Do?

As a doula, I will provide non-medical support to you throughout pregnancy, the duration of labor, and the immediate postpartum period.

This will include 2 prenatal meetings lasting anywhere from 1-2 hours in which we will meet to discuss your pregnancy and your upcoming labor/birth experience. Each session will be customized to you- answering your questions, delving into your emotions surrounding pregnancy and impending birth, and your feelings about parenthood. I will guide you with love, compassion, and experience as we navigate each piece! I can and will provide evidence based research to help answer questions and to encourage you to make the decisions that are best suited for you and your family. Throughout these meetings, I can assist you in writing a birth plan, or help to edit and revise a birth plan you write yourself. Additionally, we will discuss and practice different things such as positioning, breathing techniques, mantras, visualization exercises, and basic mindfulness to prepare for the physical and mental demands of birth. I will also provide a Rebozo (can’t wait to share this with you!) as a gift for you and your family- we will go over different ways to use this magical piece of woven fabric with a beautiful, rich history, during your prenatal meetings!

Teaching your partner or other labor support people how they can be involved, offer hands on support, and feel confident in their ability to do so can be very, very important to some families! This is something we will focus on quite a bit if this is what each of you desires for your baby’s birth day. This is learned through practice, discussion, and education.

When it is birth time, labor or a scheduled cesarean, I will be there to support you physically and mentally. I will support you and your partner with positioning, breathing techniques, mindset, visualization exercises, mantras, reiki, and whichever additional methods that you and I have communicated that will encourage and empower you. I will utilize basic touch, massage, and pressure point techniques, basic aromatherapy, warm or cool compresses, and other relaxation methods available to you. If applicable, I will find many ways to include and involve your spouse/partner, as some may be unsure of what they “need” to do for you during this time. I will also be there to ensure you fully understand each question, statement, procedure, or intervention the medical professionals present to you, so that you may make your decisions in a fully informed manner. Once the baby is born, I will be there to assist with breastfeeding if you desire, helping you all settle in as a new family, taking photos, gathering the placenta if applicable, and help to be sure you are all well, settled, and comfortable before I leave. This time period is generally 1-3 hours after birth.

I will also come for one postpartum meeting, in your first two weeks home after birth, lasting 1-2 hours. This meeting can be used to reflect on your birth experience, ask for help with newborn care or feeding, etc, or can also be used to take a nap, shower, or whatever needs you may have!

I will be on call 24/7 and prepared to arrive to you or your birthing location within 1-2 hours (depending on distance) from your call during the 2 weeks prior to your estimated due date, until birth. It is always best to alert your doula of any signs of impending labor as soon as they present themselves and to remain in contact from then on.

Through any stage of our relationship, I am available via text, call, or email during normal waking hours, and can help to recommend to you any additional professional services you may need, such as prenatal massage, chiropractic care, acupuncture, counseling services, lactation consultant, pre/postnatal exercise specialists, prenatal yoga, placenta encapsulation services, baby wearing instruction, maternity/birth/newborn photographers, car seat installation specialists, and more!

My personal goal throughout our time together is to create a connection through which I can support you and your family in making choices that you feel good about, helping you to achieve your greatest birth experience by staying in control of your own choices, feel prepared to become a parent, and to help you and your partner to feel nurtured  from start to finish.