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Wellness Programs

Way to Wellness with Doula Dorie offers a few different options for getting your nutrition, movement, mindset, and lifestyle balance on track. Here’s what’s included in our 3 and 6 month programs. Everything stays the same, except for the duration of the program.

-1 hour meeting, every 2 weeks. We use this hour to identify goals, create action steps, and discover what is or isn’t working for you. Here, we will discover your WHY. We will work together to develop eating plans, mindfulness practices, and movement plans suited to where you’re at, with intention of getting you to where you want to be. 3 month session includes 6 meetings, 6 month session includes 12 meetings.

-15 minute check-in calls, on the weeks we aren’t meeting. This helps to keep you accountable, gives us an opportunity to assess your progress and if anything needs to be tweaked, and to just keep in touch and keep our relationship growing.

-A one time session to revamp your fridge and cabinets! We will discuss what’s in there, why it should stay or go, learn about reading the nutritional label, and find awesome, healthier alternatives to your favorite meals, snacks, drinks, and products. Here will we also be able to create a grocery list that keeps you eating delicious foods that you love, but with awareness and more nutrient-dense alternatives.

-Recipes, movement or exercise activity recommendations, mindfulness and stress relief techniques, affirmations, and other informational resources that are tailored specifically to you, delivered via email.

-Text/Call support when you have a question, are having a hard day, or need a little connectedness, motivation, and love from your health coach in your corner!

3 Month Program, $700

6 Month Program, $1200

Looking for a one time, “Crash Course” kind of session? We can meet and go over the basics listed above, do a Zoom style Fridge Revamp/Grocery List, and make sure you know the basics about switching to a new lifestyle or elimination diet. This Crash Course is perfect for those who aren’t ready to commit to a program, but need a little information and nudge in the right direction when finding out they have a food allergy or intolerance, or needing to implement a dietary change that was recommended by their doctor. This will be 1 hour long, and be followed by documents pertaining to what to avoid and what you can substitute with. $100

Payments can be made using, cash, check, or credit card, or other online modalities such as Venmo or PayPal.

If there are true financial concerns, please do not feel that you can’t have access to a health coach! I accept payment plans and barters, and can always help you to find other trusted providers who can match your budget or be billed by insurance.