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So, What Does A Health Coach Do?

When you think of health coach, do you immediately think of weight loss, exercise, and dieting? Lots of people do- and while that may be the goal of some, there is SO MUCH more to it all than that! I’d like to release the idea that the only thing that is going to make someone “healthy” is thinness. If that’s the only goal you have, I’m probably not the health coach for you! My focus is on WHOLE health and wellness, through life BALANCE and awareness.

We all know what we “should” be doing for this optimal health, right? … eating more veggies, eating less sugar, getting great sleep, exercising frequently, and reducing our stress levels, things of that nature. If it were truly that simple, we’d all be listed in the dictionary under the definition of health! For some insight, here are a few definitions to consider, to fully understand what’s involved in health, wellness, and health coaching.

The definition of “health coach,” according to Wikipedia: “Health coaching is the use of evidence-based skillful conversation, clinical interventions and strategies to actively and safely engage client/patients in health behavior change.”

The definition of “wellness,” according to the Webster dictionary: “The quality or state of being in good health especially as an actively sought goal.”

The definition of “health,” according to the Webster dictionary: “The condition of being sound in body, mind, or spirit.”

Way to Wellness with Doula Dorie offers the opportunity to explore and clarify what your personal health goals are, and equally as important, WHY you want to achieve these goals. Each session, we will identify new goals, talk about what has and hasn’t worked for you, and explore not only your food choices and habits, but look at relationships, career, spirituality, and all other aspects of your life that need to be considered for balance. Unlearning habits that don’t suit your goals and purpose and creating new habits that will support your health and wellness goals, one step at a time, on session at a time. Creating sustainability in your food, movement, and life balance is KEY in your success.

Through these sessions, we will customize plans of action for you in the areas of food, movement, stress relief, and life balance. We will learn about reading nutritional labels and what to look for, build grocery lists suited to your lifestyle, and do a fridge and cabinet overhaul! You can look forward to recipes and meal plan ideas, movement (and no, this doesn’t have to mean intense exercise unless that’s what you desire- we will start where YOU are at and work from there!) and mindfulness practices to include, and implementing boundaries in your life that will best help you find the balance to reduce your stress and increase your awareness and control over your own life.

The goal here is to progress at your own pace, move mental and emotional blocks out of your path, and create action plans with each session. How is this different than what you can do on your own? With biweekly sessions, tailored action steps and written plans for the weeks to come, and a check-in call on the weeks between sessions, you will have a clear path laid out that is realistic and achievable with the tools you’ll find in your own back pocket, with a little help from your health coach! I’ll lay out the logistics for you, and help you find your way.

What are the logistics? A list of clear goals and intentions, recipes, meal plans, direct links to movement practices, links to specific mindfulness meditations or body scans, and a list of the BEST alternatives for you to implement into your life, whether its food, habits, affirmations, or more!

I am here to help. I am here to be your coach, your guide, your biggest cheerleader, and your confidant. My goal is to set you up with the roadmap to your own health and life success. Think of me as that little voice in your GPS who lets you know where to turn, what’s up ahead, and can help you re-route when there’s a roadblock. Let me guide you on your journey to you happiest, healthiest, most vibrant version of yourself!